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The team seeks the best ways to translate the truth about dating sites to the users. We want to serve as your guides in the world of online dating and always put our users in the first place. Recently, the dating market has grown significantly, and it is getting harder to navigate in this sea of different apps. We have seen a lot of such platforms come and go and now cooperate with the best of them — those that have withstood all the challenges. Our team tries to regularly inform you on the dating services worth your attention and concludes which ones truly work.

We consider two aspects to be the pillars of the dating site’s work. The first one is its legitimacy and great navigation experience. The second is the user approach. A proper dating service will hit the target and find its core audience. It will then unite like-minded people, and the community will grow naturally. Provided that the site’s navigation is intuitive and its safety is at a high level, it will become more and more popular.

Unfortunately, sometimes right people come to the wrong sites. Not all dating platforms will work for you, and not niche dating services can compete with generalist sites. For instance, if you are gay, you shouldn’t register on a dating site whose audience is mainly straight. You can always find out more about the service before you create an account or pay for the subscription. Check the statistics and consult our reviews to make sure the site is suitable for you. Otherwise, it will not cope with its main purpose and leave you with a bad impression.

Objective reviews of dating services are not always easy to create. Different people seek different things on a site, and what will work for one person will make another one leave the community. Thus, we try to include various criteria in our evaluation. Besides, we constantly add new reviews to our blog and follow the dating industry news. Chances are, as soon as you find out about a new dating site pop-up, we have already written a review about it. From the dating giants to niche services for the most elite — we share with you details on sites worth your attention regularly.