Affiliate Disclosure

Privacy Policy

We treat the privacy of our users as our most essential priority.

We show respect to your anonymity when it comes to collecting data on your operating our site. To set clear rules, limitations, and tips for all our members, we have written our privacy policy guidelines. They conclude the way how and why we collect your personal information and where it is stored later with what aim. We outline the privacy policy guidelines as follows:

We introduce fair and lawful means to collect your personal data, where it is suitable, without abusing this right and try to notify you whenever we act so. Users who have agreed to the Terms of Service have accepted that they are aware of our collecting their data and do not object to it.

We will try to notify the users about our collecting their data before or during the process of information processing and make them aware of what statistics will be analyzed based on their data.

We commit to collecting user data only when necessary and for corporate purposes only as described in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

We will use your personal data solely to fulfill the purposes specified by us and other goals unless we receive the consent of people concerned or in accordance with the law.

Personal data should rely on the guidelines we describe in terms of the purposes to which it will be applied. It should be up-to-date, complete, and accurate.

We commit to securing the personal data of each user by applying special unauthorized access encryption. Our company aims at setting reasonable and clear security safeguards to protect users from theft, property loss, or their data copying, disclosure, or modification.

We are to notify our users about any changes to personal information management and make them aware of all the updates in our community guidelines when it comes to protecting their personal data.

We are to store the information for the period needed to fulfill our analysis and no longer unless other unforeseen purposes make us do so.

We commit to leading our business only in a way based on the guidelines mentioned above. This approach ensures personal data confidentiality and full protection during the whole information processing period. reserves the right to implement changes to these regulative guidelines at its sole discretion, without user notice, and at any time.

Advertising on the Platform

Our company cooperates with advertising providers that occasionally place their ads on this website. As a rule, the ads mean implementing cookie files and users agreeing to them. We explain that if you notice any type of ad, banner, or pop-up window on this platform, the servers belonging to our partners are analyzing your user path. The information collected includes your device type, clicking activity, loading time, and other statistics that may increase ad suitability. The data you provide to our partners and us by agreeing with the cookie files helps our cooperation as we can introduce specified ads aimed at your user preferences. As stated by this Privacy Policy and our Community Guideline, gathering your data for external cookie use is not covered or protected by our site. We bear the responsibility for the cookie files introduced by our engines solely.

On our platform, you may notice links that aim to redirect you to third-party services. As you tap them and visit the page that opens, we bear responsibility for what may result from this action. You open all such links at your risk as we cannot guarantee your data safety upon visiting third-party sites. We kindly ask you to stay on alert and check twice before interacting with the content that opens upon clicking on the link. We have no control over the materials outside this platform, so you should stay cautious when opening any external site.

Affiliate Disclosure

We reserve the right to place affiliate links on our platform and bear the responsibility for this. We receive a sponsorship share from the distribution of these links and your activity related to them. However, this situation doesn’t mean we are responsible for the quality of the products you will buy under the influence of such links or that we will intentionally encourage you to spend more on products advertised on our platform.

Alterations in Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to introduce changes to these Privacy Policy rules. These changes may be more or less significant, but we still ask you to stay aware of possible upgrades and consult this Privacy Policy regularly. You should also keep in mind that you’re visiting this platform means you have agreed with and accepted all possible changes in the materials regarding our community guidelines.