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Best College Hookup Apps for Dating in 2023

Best College Hookup Apps sites

  1. Good for finding sex online Instanthookups
  2. Good for looking for relationships and friendship with gay men BuddyGays
  3. Good for meeting new people online TenderMeets
  4. Good for short and casual connections Tinder
  5. Good for mature people who are not looking for long-term relationships FlirtyMature
  6. Good for people looking for different kinds of relationship in the US SPDate
  7. Good for finding love and landing fun dates Bumble
  8. Good for finding gay singles aiming for a causal connection Grindr
  9. Good for casual encounters and flings DateHookUp
  10. Good for for individuals who are not looking for serious commitments Together2Night
  11. Good for finding both long-term and casual dating partners OkCupid
  12. Good for for plus-sized individuals looking for hookup FatFlirt
  13. Good for committed relationships and senior dating Match

Student days are always full of routine college activities. But these days are also filled with insane fun, new friends, and first passionate dates. While some students engage in new subjects and strive to get the best grades, others want to hang out and date. There is no problem with getting a fun fellowship in college. But the other challenge is to find the best partner for easy dates and flirt. Students use mobile dating apps focusing on a particular audience. We have collected the true and reliable college hookup apps for your benefit. Let’s find out more about these amazing services!



Tinder is an all-embracing online dating alternative for students who want casual dating, breeze flirting, and dating with peers for a hookup adventure. That is a revolutionary dating app that turned the whole search principle and match upside down. It is about swiping to find the true match. Tinder delivers matches due to the location, preferences, and hobbies, picking this info from the social media account. You get the most high-grade matchmaking every time you start to swipe. Once you and your match swipe right, you can chat for free. What’s new? They started the Tinder U app version, an awesome dating solution mainly for students. The app allows you to register via school email and delivers the best university swipes in your area. It presents it among the best college hookup apps for casual dating for students.

  • Best for finding: Casual dating, hookup, flirting, fellowship, easy relations
  • Pros: It is free to download and join, available for Android and iOS devices. The app provides an age-depending pricing model. The matchmaking process is operated for swiping method. The Tinder U version of the main dating app focuses on students’ casual dating needs.
  • Cons: Not a good service for singles looking for a kind of traditional relations.
  • Features: Boost, Top Picks, SuperLike, Rewind.
  • Cost: Basic subscription is free. Tinder Plus starts from 4,99 USD per month. Tinder Gold starts from 14,99 USD per month. Tinder Platinum starts from 19,99 USD per month.
GOOD FOR meeting new people online



Friendsy is a kind of dating service for students packed in a mobile app. It caters to connect students of the campus who are looking for friendship, easy dates, or a hookup. It is like an exclusive campus social network enabling you to join with a special email. Friendsy operates similar to Tinder. The student needs to swipe left and right to generate a match. But the system also offers to clarify the intentions. When you swipe to the right, the app asks to opt from friendship, date, or hookup alternatives. If someone picks the same, you get a pure match. Besides, they submit the most unique and accurate search filters for narrowing swipe results. As Reddit says, it makes Friendsy one of the best hookup apps for college students.

  • Best for finding: Hookup, casual dating, friendship, flirt.
  • Pros: For students only. The on-campus dating app unites students for various goals. The Friendsy is free to join and use. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Students are swiping left and right to generate the pure match.
  • Cons: Only students can join, not available for adult singles out of university.
  • Features: Advanced search filters, Hint, Swipe.
  • Cost: Absolutely free.



We cannot fail to consider the Hinge dating app as one of the reliable hookup apps for college students. This app is a true alternative for students looking for casual dating and no-obligation hookups. The Hinge allows the basic subscription for free. They give a detailed profile with basic information about gender, age, height, and location. And also provide short info about traits, habits, and intentions. That is, for example, mentioning attitude towards smoking, alcohol, and sports. Matchmaking is done due to the roulette principle. Someone chooses not just on the photo of the potential but also based on preferences. Advanced filters allow narrowing down your search to deliver accurate matches. As for the price issues, the Hinge won’t go out of the budget.

  • Best for finding: Hookup, short-term relations, casual dating, flirt
  • Pros: Free to join and create a profile. Great dating app for students who want casual dating and hookup. Provides matchmaking on a roulette type.
  • Cons: Singles who want serious relations and marriage should try another app. Limitations on quantity of photo upload.
  • Features: We Met, Who liked me, Video Prompts.
  • Cost: Basic subscription is free. Premium starts from 9,99 USD per month.



Happn dating app takes a firm core among niche hookup apps for college campuses. This free app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It submits a search of people you have crossed paths with for the last 7 days. The dating app for students tracks you and then delivers real matches to consider. Happn is a working dating app for use in populated areas. It is handy for students who move and study a lot and frequently flirt and date on the go. Most of the matchmaking options of the Happn app are locked for the basic subscription.

  • Best for finding: Casual dating, hookups, not serious relations, flirt.
  • Pros: Location-based dating app for students who want casual dating. Free to join and use. The app provides a smooth design and straightforward navigation. The detailed profile with in-depth private details delivers accurate matching results.
  • Cons: The Happn app tracks the users. Some members won’t be happy about this.
  • Features: Audio Feature, I’m up for, Crush Time, Voice Messages.
  • Cost: Basic subscription is free. Premium starts from 24,99 USD per month.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is among the good college hookup apps for casual dating and relations, not for marriage. The app allows free joining through an active Facebook account, importing open personal info about a single. They are pretty shut and do not allow any other joint option other than this. The member profile shows the attainment of education and occupation, allows 9 photos to be uploaded. Search for matches is done among the friends of your friends. It turned to be quite a powerful service for finding a partner for hookups and flirting in the college.

Best for finding: Serious relations, hookups, casual dating, friendship, flirt.

Pros: Free to join and use within the basic subscription. The matches are delivered from the friends of the friend’s list. Handy stylish dating app for students of the same campus who want flirt and hottie dates.

Cons: No Facebook account means no registration on the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app.

Features: LadiesChoice, Ready to meet, Express Delivery, Open Sesame, Mirror Mirror.

Cost: Basic subscription is free. Premium is 34,99 USD per month. Extra services like Beans are charged.



Reasonably, the issue of online dating oriented to religious preferences has already puzzled some of the young singles. Are there any college hookup apps catering to Jewish dating, for instance? JSwipe is something you need when you want a serious relationship with a Jewish girl, the so-called old-fashioned dating model. The app is free for a basic subscription, and it limits the functionality for initiating a communication. The members are young but focused on dating with commitment. Singles can boost their performance by connecting to a premium membership at a very reasonable price. The JSwipe dating app is popular and actively applied mainly among the Jewish community. It is a fantastic dating alternative for young singles looking for college dating.

  • Best for finding: Serious relations, dating with commitment, flirt
  • Pros: The dating app is religious-oriented, available free to download and sign up. It is widespread and highly liked among the Jewish community providing odds for finding the meaningful match.
  • Cons: The app is mainly for Jewish singles. Provides limitations for communication options in the basic package.
  • Features: Super Note, Optimize photo, Passport
  • Cost: Average, 24,99 USD per month for a premium subscription



Minder app holds the potential to be the best free college hookup apps for Muslim dating. It was started in 2015 and has already succeeded in rebranding. The location-based app is focused on young Muslim singles who want to find love and serious relations. Most of the members reside in the United States. Minder (the recent name is Salams) unites single Muslim people living in the west but feeling a close connection with traditions and Muslim culture. The app is popular as Muslim Tinder and allows free basic usage. There is a limit on daily swipes, which can be unlocked by elevating the subscription level.

  • Best for finding: Find love, serious relations, flirt, friendship.
  • Pros: The matchmaking procedure orients on location issues of singles globally. The app is Tinder-like for Muslim singles who reside on the west. The dating platform caters mainly to young people and is a great alternative for students.
  • Cons: Religious-based dating app beneficial mainly for Muslim singles only.
  • Features: Swipe, Telegram, Explore.
  • Cost: Low-priced, 9,99 USD per month for the premium package.



CDate casual dating app is considered among the best hookup apps for college students who want easy dates and hangouts. It is open for download on Android and iOS with access limitations for some countries to use. The erotic vibes of the dating platform engage fantastic passions and sexual experiments for single young members. CDate allows full admittance to all premium benefits to female members free of charge. A male member requires turning a premium member to unlock these features. Also, the CDate app allows a free trial of the premium package for newly signed-up members. Students can discover a suitable match nearby and enjoy casual dating on the go.

  • Best for finding: Casual dating, flirt, hookups, no-commitment dates.
  • Pros: CDate is a great dating service for female students available free-based and without obligation to elevate. It delivers an accurate array of matches for casual dating and quick hookups for adult fun.
  • Cons: The app has limitations for some countries to download and use the service. The photo should pass the verification procedure to upload.
  • Features: My Erotic Type, Contact Proposal, Photo Release.
  • Cost: low-priced. The premium starts from 9,99 USD per month.



Hater could be one of several top college hookup apps catering to young singles, mainly students, to find a casual match. Vibes based on hate issues and the position of not admitting something is a super concept for the matchmaking principle. Rumors say the dating app is no longer active. It would be sad news for young singles who want casual dating without fear, a one-night stand affair, and passionate hookups. The Hater app is free to join and use. Despite the true pros like the ads lack, a good modern design, and a swipe working system, the dating app can lag and stop working.

  • Best for finding: Hookup, casual dating, not serious relations, flirt.
  • Pros: Absolutely free to use dating app for young adults seeking sex adventures and adult pleasures. The Tinder-like matchmaking working principle when you swipe to the right when the single is attractive and swipe to the left if not.
  • Cons: Is not delivering dating experience anymore.
  • Features: Submit Topic.
  • Cost: Free to download and use.

Can Best College Hookup Apps Help to Get a Hookup?

The best college hookup apps from our list help students find a hookup and casual dating among campus students. Oftentimes the dating apps allow singles to join for a free basic subscription. For example, Coffee Meets Bagel and Hinge are such apps. Some apps are completely free, like Friendsy. Some applications focus on community and religion, like JSwipe for Jewish dating or Minder for Muslim dating.

How Many Singles in Campus Use Best College Hookup Apps?

Besides studying, students want to have fun and hang out. Arriving at college, they do not know each other, so they are looking for any choice of communication. College hookup apps are fantastic online dating services that help singles find someone for flirting, casual dating, friendship, and even serious relationships. It is needless to say the vast majority of students apply such apps. It is handy, quick, powerful, and always on budget.

Is Using Best College Hookup Apps a Good Plan?

Online dating is the best thing humans have come up with for communication and interaction of singles. Using dating apps like these alternatives is a good idea, especially if the results are quick and rewarding. Among the benefits of such apps are only obvious. These are getting new friends, a partner for dating and relations, quick and accurate pick of matches, time-saving.

Do College Hookup Apps Provide the Ease of Online Dating?

College hookup apps make the life of students in college much easier, pleasant, and filled with glee. Students want to relax after class, and such dating platforms can actually adjust such adult activities. Dating apps always focus on different types of dating and deliver matches in many ways. CDate brings together no-obligation adult fun fans by delivering matches location-based. Coffee Meets Bagel offers dating services only to campus students looking for different types of relations.

How to Meet Other Students Using Best College Hookup Apps?

The dating app is a simple platform to download and join. It is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. Sign up and complete the profile to start your search. Many of the apps offer fast connections via Facebook account. Answer questions during registration or set up search filters and start swiping matches. Swipe to the right if the student attracts you, and initiate a flirt without delay. Some college hookup apps have limitations on swipes.

What are the Distinctions in the Interaction between Best College Hookup Apps and Grown-up Apps?

Apps for students and adults do not vary much in the communication features. These are a chance to wink and message, invite to a chat room, and send a letter. The main goal of any dating app is to deliver matches and give a chance to interact.

Tips on How to Initiate Flirt on College Hookup Apps.

Communication is the essential goal of all dating apps and dedicated college hookup apps as well. Often dating apps can limit the chat feature to a free subscription as the JSwipe app does. Or, backward, it offers free use for all singles as the Friendsy app does. The main tip is to start a conversation right away without wasting time.

Tips on How to Describe Yourself in College Hookup Apps

Student dating apps offer awesome profiles with detailed information about the members. There are limitations on the number of photos and the necessity to verify them. Pay extra attention to describing yourself to bring more potentials. Avoid sharp and boring words, cliché phrases. Try to describe yourself with a bit of humor. Do not skip a single field with information, and you will succeed.

FAQ of Best College Hookup Apps

Yes, college hookup apps are legal and spread globally.

What types of relationships can be found here?

Students’ dating apps offer casual dating, flirting, hookups, and relations without commitment.

Are they expensive to use?

No, the cost is reasonable. Sometimes the apps are completely free.

Dating apps are extremely popular among campus students for easy dating and searching for hooking partners. Majority of those who came to college download one of the dating apps for college hookups. The location-based app delivers accurate matches from nearby singles and unites students due to preferences.

Are there Top College Hookup Apps Where a Girl Initiates a Flirt?

Many of the hookup apps college are free to download and join. Some are completely free, like Friendsy and Hater, where a girl can initiate flirt by sending a message first.

What Best Hookup Apps for College Students are Free?

All of the student dating apps we delivered above offer free joining. But only a few are truly free with no extra fees. These are Friendsy and Hater apps for singles who want casual dating, flirt, and hot hookups.

What Percentage of Single Students Benefit from Hookup Apps for College Campuses?

The number of members in student apps is difficult to measure. Although in our belief, it is about at least 85% of single students with a tendency to rise.

We have showcased to you the best college hookup apps for single students who want various types of dating. Now you can enjoy each due to its summary, best features, pros, and cons, and pick the one that satisfies you thoroughly.

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