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FlirtyMature Review 2023 – What To Expect?

FlirtyMature Review 2023 – What To Expect?
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 35-45
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly interface
  • You can upload a personal video as an introduction
  • Allows you to get 3 trial days of Premium plan
  • Responsive Customer Support, active 24/7
  • Since the platform is comparatively new, the userbase is not really big
  • There is no FlirtyMature app
  • Only Premium users can send unlimited messages. Otherwise you can only send 5 messages a day.
  • Disbalanced gender ratio

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FlirtyMature is quickly becoming one of the most popular, legal online dating and hookup platforms that allows you to connect with people from all parts of the world. It has been categorized as both the traditional dating and hookup site, and many people are using it for both traditional dating and hookup experiences. Plus, many users claim that they even managed to find a more kinky hookups, to spice up their sex life.

But are these claims true? And can you actually find your match as quickly as the users claim they have? That is what we’ve decided to find out!

And now, we would love to share with you all our findings in the form of this FlirtyMature review. Here we will talk about various aspects of this unique dating and hookup site, and determine whether it would be a good option for you! So let’s first take a look at all the pros and cons of this platform!

FlirtyMature: What Are The Main Functions and Features?


One of the most critical priorities of FlirtyMature is to provide a space safe from prejudice and intolerance towards NSA relationship. Hence, FlirtyMature is available for almost every person looking for a casual hookup and/or a serious connection. The feature called ‘User Lock’ is often used to restrict the ability of other users to send you direct messages. However, if the other person’s behavior becomes obscene and/or inappropriate, you can report them to the site’s administrators as well.

In most cases, people tend to interact with people near their location. Hence, FlirtyMature ensures to provide you with the ability to match users locally. Additionally, you will also be provided with a range of functions based on simple criteria.

The Chat or Correspondence feature, an essential feature of modern online dating platforms, allows you to invite or accept chat invitations from other members. Apart from your profile picture, you can also upload a small video clip as your profile introduction.

FlirtyMature is a dating and hookup platform where people are more interested in communicating face-to-face. And the moderators verify all the uploaded photos. Additionally, the platform’s security system ensures that you receive only real members to eliminate inappropriate or promotional material and prevent fraud.

FlirtyMature Website Audience

As you can guess by the name, you will mostly find mature and senior members at FlirtyMature. To be specific, the most common age group are men aged 55 and older. Overall, men make up 70% of the userbase, and there are only 30% of women. Among the ladies, the most common age group is 45+

You will also find members from English-speaking nations like New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Canada. But the majority of users here are from the USA (375 000 to be exact).

And although FlirtyMature is a site focused mostly on heterosexual relationship, here you can also find some LGBTQ-members; though they are in a minority.

How Does The FlirtyMature Website Work?

On FlirtyMature, you will not be able to get matched and interact with other members until you create a profile. Once you do, you will be able to upload several photos and share them with people you like.

Additionally, navigation at FlirtyMature is relatively straightforward. Even if you are using online dating and hookup sites for the first time, you will not experience any difficulty using them. We will talk all about the interface in the following sections.

Is FlirtyMature Available Everywhere In the World?

Yes, you can sign up and use FlirtyMature all around the world.

How Many Languages Does FlirtyMature Support?

FlirtyMature supports several international languages: English, Spanish, French, French, etc.

FlirtyMature Review: Is Registration Easy and Convenient?


The registration process at FlirtyMature is quite easy and quick. All you need to do is provide some basic information about yourself and submit the photos.

After entering your email address, you will get all the information about resetting your password and updates. After completing the registration process, you cannot return to the previous registration steps. But you will be able to edit your data after getting done with the registration process.

As for the verification process, you must get your profile verified as soon as possible. Once your profile gets verified, you will receive a checkmark next to your username. You can pass the verification test easily via the accounts settings. All you need to do is submit a selfie, which will confirm that you are a real person.

Getting your profile verified will increase the popularity of your profile at FlirtyMature. You will also be able to make changes to your profile. All you need to do is head towards the ‘Edit Profile’ option and correct the necessary data.

Can I Try FlirtyMature Without Signing Up?

No, you cannot try the platform without registering your profile.

How Can I Delete An Account?

Deleting your FlirtyMature profile is very easy. First, you need to log into your FlirtyMature account. Next, head towards the Settings option. Keep scrolling down until you find the ‘Remove Account option. Tap on this button and follow the remaining directions you see on your screen.

FlirtyMature Review: Design and Usability Details

The design of the dating and hookup platform is straightforward on the eyes and quite modern. The interface is relatively smooth and user-friendly. You will be able to start a discussion with anyone simply by clicking on that account or winking. It may require some investment if you want to check the photos. If you’re going to check the members’ profiles that the system chose, you can decide whether you want to like or skip them.


The interface of the website is very nice and modern. It’s quite fast, responsive and has a simple design–the great vibrant colors. People of all ages will appreciate the excellent design choices and the ease of use factor. The menus are categorized nicely, and you will find everything easy to understand and use.

As for the mobile version, it is pretty unfortunate that FlirtyMature does not have a dedicated mobile app. However, you can make use of FlirtyMature on your mobile web browser. While the platform is compatible with almost every mobile phone, the navigation can be quite awkward; however, this perception is due to the modification of the desktop site for a mobile device. You should also note that the mobile platform will have the same functions and loads quite fast.

Key Profile Features: What Does It Stand Out?


Once you have registered and created your profile, FlirtyMature will advise you to spend a lot of time creating your profile. Having an informative and useful profile will help you get a perfect match for dating or hookup. Hence, don’t hesitate to add more content, and add more about yourself, your preferences, what you like – all of this will make your profile stand out. Also, keep in mind that you need to post only high-quality, clear photos.

FlirtyMature uses the top SSL encryption technology to ensure that the site does not contain fake profiles and scammers. When you are filling up your profile, you need to ensure that you provide as much information as you can. You should also be honest about the details you provide. When you do, it will show other members that you are serious about dating and/or hooking up. FlirtyMature uses the information you provide to suggest the best matches and help you find compatible partners. You can also make use of the basic and advanced search filters.

When you look at the profiles at FlirtyMature, you will see that each one of them is exceptionally detailed and comprehensive. If you did not fill out any information when creating a profile, you could always fill it back in later.

FlirtyMature Website & App

Overall, both versions of FlirtyMature are great. The interface looks exactly like its other sister platforms – QuickFlirt and EbonyFlirt. The layout and the functions are similar in almost every way. The only difference here is that the community and members on these platforms are different.

FlirtyMature App

As mentioned above, FlirtyMature does not have a dedicated mobile application. This is quite unfortunate because most dating platform users around the world prefer using their mobile devices for dating and hooking up. While you cannot download an app for FlirtyMature, you can easily access the platform via your mobile web browser. All the layout and design remain the same. Additionally, all the features and functionalities are placed exactly like the desktop version. The mobile version is compatible with all types of mobile and tablet devices.

FlirtyMature Website

As for the website, FlirtyMature’s desktop platform is top-notch. The creators have ensured that the platform is easy to navigate since most of the members here are mature individuals and are not as tech-savvy as the current generation. The platform’s design is quite classy, and the site’s loading speed is quite fast so that you do not have to spend more than the required time waiting for the pages to show up on your screen.

Everything About Safety & Security

FlirtyMature is a platform that takes the safety and security of its members very seriously. The platform will require you to verify your profile, denoted with a tick mark if and when verified. This verification method is done to remove fake profiles and inactive members. Removing fake profiles and spammers is the first step towards guaranteeing the safety of the current and active FlirtyMature members.

Apart from user safety, the FlirtyMature website also uses SSL encryption technology to safeguard the payment information from prying eyes. Additionally, FlirtyMature ensures that no personal and financial information will be shared with third parties.

Is FlirtyMature Secure?

Yes, FlirtyMature is quite a secure and safe dating and hookup platform. The site works hard to keep removing profiles that are not verified as real people. Additionally, the payment portal is secured by SSL encryption technology.

Can FlirtyMature Actually Track You Down?

As per the moral code, no dating site should ever track its customers. In the same sense, FlirtyMature does not track you down. Of course, the platform will make use of your current location to match you with local members.

Does FlirtyMature Provide a Free Version for Users?


Yes, FlirtyMature has a free membership that all users get when they register. Some features of the free membership include:

  • Sending not more than five messages per day
  • Sending likes to other members
  • Making use of the basic search feature
  • Check out the profiles of other members
  • View the Like Gallery

FlirtyMature Pricing For Paid Version

At FlirtyMature, you will find both free and premium membership. While you will be provided with some specific features as a free member, upgrading to a paid subscription will allow you to make full use of the services provided by FlirtyMature. FlirtyMature. Let us look into the pricing aspect of FlirtyMature.

Advantages of Premium Membership

Upgrading to a paid membership will provide you with access that is not available for free users like:

  • Exchanging videos and images in chats
  • Have access to receiving and sending unlimited messages
  • Access to premium support round-the-clock
  • An extended search feature, with access to more filters
  • View the ‘Looking For’ information
  • View images in large size formats

Now, let us look into the pricing of the paid membership:

  • 1 Month: US $7.19 per month
  • 3 Months: US $4.32 per month; a total of US $12.96
  • 6 Months: US $2.88 per month; a total of US $17.28
  • 12 Months: US $2.44 per month; a total of US $29.28

FlirtyMature Help & Support


Another essential aspect of FlirtyMature is the help and support options available to its customers. Apart from having a high-quality site, FlirtyMature is also known to provide fantastic customer care support. You can contact them via email [email protected]

Chatting with the customer care agents is an experience altogether. These agents are very friendly and will provide you with all the answers you are looking for. The speed at which you receive the answers will depend on the method you choose; for instance, you get the fastest replies via live chats. On the other hand, email replies will take around 2-3 days.

Additionally, FlirtyMature also has a dedicated FAQ section. It is always recommended that you look into this section before getting in touch with the customer care team because it is likely that you will find the answer to what you are looking for here.

Real Reviews

“I would say that FlirtyMature is quite a reputable dating and hookup platform. With an international and extensive member base, FlirtyMature is a legit hookup and dating platform. For me, it facilitates easy meetups with users that share the same hobbies and interests, and it provides me with all the basic features for free. While premium memberships do not offer any guarantees, they statistically increase my chances of finding a date or hookup.”— Mike Watson

FlirtyMature: Alternative Sites

Some great alternatives of FlirtyMature include the following.

  • Bangexperts.com
  • Mature Tenders
  • Hookupwebsite.org
  • Mature.com

Contact Information

  • Address: Office 8, 2nd Floor, Lavelle Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 1 (800) 989-2318


Some common FAQs related to FlirtyMature includes:

Is FlirtyMature Safe and Secure?

FlirtyMature ensures that its members are safe and secure when using the platform. The site makes sure to verify all the created profiles so that it limits the number of fake profiles and removes the inactive ones. Additionally, FlirtyMature will also track payments and use the latest encryption technology to ensure that third parties cannot use your personal and financial information.

Is it possible to use FlirtyMature Confidently?

Yes, you can make use of FlirtyMature without having to reveal your information. However, this will only lower your chances of getting a match. You can simply put necessary details without revealing too much about yourself. Therefore, you can easily use FlirtyMature confidentially.

Is FlirtyMature A Real Hookup Platform?

Yes, FlirtyMature is a legit hookup and dating platform. The site will verify all profiles in its database so that there are no fake profiles or scammers here. Additionally, we have come to know that FlirtyMature is a legit platform because it has provided its contact details and physical address.

How Do You Use FlirtyMature?

Using FlirtyMature is extremely easy. You need to create an account, which is done well within a few minutes. Once your profile is created, you can start searching for members and start chatting with them. The features you will be able to use will depend on the type of membership.

Is FlirtyMature Free?

Yes, you can use FlirtyMature for free. As mentioned above, the platform offers free membership to its members by default. Some features available to you as free members include sending a maximum of five messages per day, sending likes to other members, checking out the profiles of other members, using the basic search filter, and viewing the Like Gallery.

Alternatively, members can also choose to become paid members at FlirtyMature. As paid members, you get access to a lot more features, apart from the free features.

Does FlirtyMature Work? Is It Good?

Based on online FlirtyMature reviews from users, you can be sure that FlirtyMature works. Most members are delighted with the platform since they can match with others and hook up with them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, FlirtyMature is quite a great hookup and dating platform. From the above, you can see that the site has an exquisite and simple platform that mature people can use. Additionally, the features are pretty unique, and you will definitely meet your match at FlirtyMature.

All in all, just get started and look for exciting users to meet. This is the only way to discover whether the platform is for you!

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