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Men Seeking Women: Adult Sites 2023

Best Men Seeking Women sites

  1. Good for finding one-time sexual partners AdultFriendFinder
  2. Good for finding both long-term and casual dating partners OkCupid
  3. Good for looking for relationships and friendship with gay men BuddyGays
  4. Good for for plus-sized individuals looking for hookup FatFlirt
  5. Good for for individuals who are not looking for serious commitments Together2Night
  6. Good for finding sex online Instanthookups
  7. Good for meeting new people online TenderMeets
  8. Good for people looking for different kinds of relationship in the US SPDate
  9. Good for singles that are looking for non-committal relationships OneNightFriend
  10. Good for people looking for deep connections Hinge
  11. Good for finding gay singles aiming for a causal connection Grindr
  12. Good for finding “Middle of the road” dating options Zoosk
  13. Good for short and casual connections Tinder

1. Match.com


Best for finding: Serious and casual relationships.


  • You get six months free if you don’t get a match within the first six months
  • There are a lot of ways to express yourself
  • All users can text their top selections
  • You can easily know who is seriously looking for a relationship.
  • The ratio of men to women is equal.


  • Too many notifications
  • Membership prices keep changing
  • Too many users so scrolling to find a match takes time.
  • Features
  • Instant messenger: You can directly message anyone on the site as long as you have a paid subscription.
  • Romantic games: Users can enjoy innovative games like Gut reaction, Drawn together, Name and dance and Romantic rip off on Match
  • Vibe Check: An innovative feature that was started after the covid 19 pandemic where couples get to experience having dates on video calls.


Match has a free version, One month’s premium costs $15.99, six months costs $17.99, and one year cost $35.99.

2. BeNaughty


Best for finding: Casual sugar sex partners.


  • Members in more than 10 countries
  • Send messages as you please
  • Signing up is fast
  • No ads
  • Customer support is readily available
  • It is easy to find
  • The hookup site is easily navigated.


  • It doesn’t have an app
  • Some fake profile here and there.


  • Lots of members
  • Chat rooms to communicate available
  • You can share pictures and videos.
  • You can filter your search based on your preferences and sexual orientations.


Be naughty allows users to experience a free 3-day trial, after that, you have to choose a membership plan to continue using all its premium services. Payment is made by credit card or cash for users in the USA.

3. Adult Friend Finder


Best for finding: Casual sex partners.


  • Many ways to interact
  • Questions are effective
  • Massive user base
  • LGBTQ community.


  • A lot of spam profiles
  • The phone app and desktop version are outdated.


All FriendFinder Network app: This unique feature allows users to access interaction with users from other dating websites. This feature can also be accessed by free users where they can share videos, photos, blogs, and live shows. This app has all the features on the main website so it is convenient for users who travel a lot.


Adult friend finder has a free version. It also has premium services for one month- $39.95, three months-26.95, and one year $19.95 per month.

4. FriendFinder-X


Best for finding: Casual sex flings.


  • Life-like video digital sex feature
  • Registration is free of cost.
  • Quick Registration process
  • FriendFinder-X has many search filters
  • Aesthetic interface
  • Profiles are profound
  • You can edit your profile anytime
  • You can get updates and see trending members
  • You can sort all the users you like.


  • Premium communication is limited to paid individuals.
  • Free users can experience relevant features and still communicate with other users.
  • Features like Chats, Gifting accompany, and Adult Video cost more.
  • The user has to search for the matches themselves manually.
  • The app is only accessible for iOS.
  • Membership Fees are very high.


  • You can find out your matches
  • Send photos and videos.
  • Watch live webcams.
  • You can create your profile
  • You will be able to block users.
  • You can join chat rooms, groups, and blogs.
  • Registration is free of cost.
  • You can view, like, and comment on contest pictures.


FriendFinder-X website has both free membership access and paid premium membership access.

  • 1 Month for $25
  • 3 Months goes for $60
  • 12 Months will be $180.

5. Zoosk


Best for finding: Serious relationships and casual relationships.


  • Integrated with Google+ and Facebook.
  • Many people
  • Matchmaking based on subconscious swiping behavior
  • Aesthetic interphase
  • Really easy signup process
  • the most active site in the online dating scene
  • Free registration.


  • Too many spam profiles
  • Random fees.


Free Services

  • Send smiles and hearts
  • Creation
  • Access Carousel
  • Account registration
  • View full profiles

Paid services

  • See who likes you
  • Browse incognito mode
  • Send messages
  • Full access to SmartPicks

Other special features include;

  • SmartPick
  • Super Send
  • Connections
  • Boost
  • Carousel
  • Dating Insights.


A free version is available. For a one-month premium service, you pay $29.95, three months- $19.98, and six months – $12.49.

6. Backpage


Best for finding: Casual sex partners


  • Many users
  • No payments
  • Aesthetic interface
  • Easy to use
  • The users control everything.


  • Many spam profiles
  • No privacy
  • You need to be wary of con artists on the site.


  • Post ad feature
  • You can create a dating profile
  • Video chats
  • Audio chats
  • Webcam shows.


Backpage offers free online dating services. This is what draws many people to use this site despite its many negative reviews.

What are Men Seeking Women Sites for?

Men looking for women on dating websites look for the following:

  • An exclusive romantic partner

Despite the common conceived perception that most men aren’t looking to have exclusive romantic partners, almost 100% of men hope to find an exclusive relationship with someone they love. Men have therefore opted for dating sites because it can be easier to find a partner when you know they are also looking for one, most girls in the normal streets shut men down by the common phrase, “I have a man”.

  • To have something fun to do

Men get bored fast and the one thing that always seems to keep them occupied is females, a male looking for female company is part of the life cycle. Those who have used dating sites will tell you how addictive these sites can be, you could remain glued to your phone or laptop chatting and exchanging photos with sexy strangers. We all know how fun chatting can be when you are getting to know someone, it makes you feel young and alive and makes the time just fly by. Apart from simply engaging with the sites, there’s what comes after you vibe out with your sexy stranger, sex. Sex is pretty fun if you haven’t tried it. And that’s the one thing that will never stop being fun to men, of course, women too love sex equally, but men need it more.

  • To have casual sex

The only other thing men love apart from good sex is casual sex. The number one reason men go to dating sites is to find casual sex. Modern dating websites have made it easier for both men and women to find the casual sex they both want and need.

Men need sex to feel good and to clear their minds, dating sites are the go-to because we all know hunting for booty in the real streets isn’t a skill every man has, and it can be frustrating for some. These sites also make it easier for older men seeking women since they can no longer go in the streets looking for sex as teenagers.

  • To make non-romantic connections

Some men simply go to online dating sites to find girlfriends. Most men find it hard to understand how women work and haven’t quite figured how to approach them or talk to them in real life. Talking to anonymous girls on online dating sites, therefore, makes them get to know how girls think and work and even get advice on how to up their game. We all know there are very few men who just want to form non-romantic connections with girls, but they do exist.

  • To see what the site or app is about

Some men go to online dating websites because they saw an ad or got told to try them by a friend. Any normal man who realizes they can get a girl just by signing up to an online dating service or a phone app will be curious to know what it’s about

  • To find non-exclusive romantic partners

Men are afraid of commitment, it’s imprinted in our DNA, so the opportunity to have non-exclusive romantic partners will be taken by any man any day. In the normal streets, every girl wants an exclusive relationship, which is both unrealistic and demanding for any guy. Why would a guy keep dating in the main streets if every girl wants an exclusive relationship? Online dating sites, therefore, present an opportunity for men to experience what they are hard-wired to enjoy, multiple romantic and sexual partners.

  • To boost self-esteem

Some men have been turned down by almost all girls leading them to lose their self-esteem. Not all men have a good flirting game or sex game so when a girl confirms this to them, it can shutter their esteem. Online dating services provide safe spaces and users on dating sites are not judgy because they come to the websites to be accepted for who they are.

  • To find someone for a friend

Great men help other men. As we’ve read, some men find it hard to forge a connection with women. Good friends to such men connect them with girls, mostly from dating sites because on these sites the personalities and descriptions of the girls are available hence it’s easy to find a girl who fits the wants and needs of their friend.

  • To cheat on their marriage partners

More than 50% of men cheat on their wives, which is an astonishing statistic. Almost all girls men cheat on their wives with are from dating websites. Men cheat on their wives for many reasons, either their wives are boring in bed, they’re not giving them enough sex, or they’re revenging for their wives cheating on them too.

Best Options for Men Who Use Online Apps to Seek Women


  • Zoosk
  • Tinder
  • FriendFinder-X
  • BeNaughty
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Match.com.

Most online dating sites are made for men seeking women for sex and serious relationships. Women are highly sought after in the real-life dating scene while men are never sought after by women in real-life dating, this leaves many men single and searching. Online dating sites and apps are made for men looking for woman company for this reason. Many single guys are looking for a woman either for a serious relationship or for casual hookups, on the other hand, 90% of women can get married or get sex anytime they want.

Men Seeking Women: Tips and Advice for Successful Hookup

The only important thing to note when it comes to men looking for a woman for a hookup is how you present your profile, period. This is where you can either win or lose. These are some of the tips that will bring you closer to a successful hookup;

  • Originality is key

Invest time and careful thought into your profile. Don’t be one of those people who write shallow descriptions written without any thought of themselves hoping to come off as mysterious guys. People can feel when effort has been put into the way you put your words together.

  • Good pictures are just a start

A good photo can only go so far when trying to impress someone on a dating website. The first thing people look at after looking at your photos is your profile. If they don’t like your description, they swipe on to the next person. The rate at which guys on dating websites get matched is low, so you have to bring your A-game to get a successful hookup. Your profile has to be able to pull people towards you. To be clear, this doesn’t mean you don’t put effort into your profile photo. It is part of your profile, so choose a picture that complements your description

  • Just fill out a profile. Period

Many men don’t get laid because they don’t complete their profiles. Just by completing your profile, users know you are serious about looking for a hook-up and increase your chances of getting a match by almost 100% compared to someone with an incomplete profile. So take filling out your profile seriously.

  • Be specific and clear

When it comes to online dating websites, you have to be straightforward if you want to get some action. You are not trying to impress anyone here. You are trying to get what you came to the website for, sex. You can’t get that by beating around the bush. Online dating allows you to be confident. Make it clear you are looking for casual sex, and see how many girls will flood your inbox.

  • Let your pictures speak for you

Many guys have good bodies but can’t seem to get girls in their beds because they can’t stop themselves from mentioning how good their bodies look. Nobody wants to know! Let your photos speak for you. Nobody likes a proud guy. Your description should be shedding light on the person you are. Girls are more likely to choose a man with a good body in a photo than a guy who describes his good body in his profile description.

  • Ditch the Snapchat filters.

The moment you apply a filter to your picture and upload it to an online dating site, girls will not take you seriously. Choose a good natural photo and don’t add any filters. You don’t want to come off as an insecure guy. Let people see YOU.

  • Just be yourself.

You cannot win any girl’s heart trying to be someone you’re not. Authenticity pulls people towards you. Don’t put down any false information about yourself in your profile trying to impress girls. Why would you want to impress someone you haven’t even met? Girls get turned off by dishonesty. Describe who you are. That’s what will attract girls to want to hook up with you.

  • Good pictures are important.

It doesn’t matter how bad you think you look, a good photo goes a long way. When it comes to online dating, a picture can either make or break your efforts. Choose a picture with perfect lighting, a good angle, and one where you are neat, comfortable, and composed. Avoid as much as possible using a picture where there are other people. If it is the only picture that brings you out with all these requirements, make sure the other people in the picture are your friends and choose one with a maximum of 2 extra people and make sure you specify who you are in the photo.

Some girls will think you are insecure because you are afraid to appear in a photo alone. It’s best to choose a picture where you are alone.

What Types of Hookup Sites are the Best for Men?

How to Use Hookup Apps to Find the Best Women

By now, you know the power your profile has in determining whether you’ll get laid or not. Make sure you don’t come off as two things and your bedroom will never be empty, don’t come off as a jerk, and don’t come off as a creep. To achieve not coming off as a creep or a jerk, you have to avoid saying too much both in your profile description and in your private chats. Girls get turned off by guys who talk too much.

Make sure your profile is grammatically correct. Funny fact, women are turned off by bad grammar. Additionally, do not quote someone famous or a cheesy line from a movie, be authentic. You want to show a girl you have your own game.

Most of all, utilize the one aspect women have always loved about men, be a gentleman.

Be Honest about What You Want and Get a Perfect Match

If you hope to get laid while using these online dating services, you can’t afford to be dishonest. You have to show other users who you are because they have no other way of knowing you apart from checking out your profile. Remember, you are not trying to please anybody here, especially with false information about yourself. People on dating websites can sense when your profile is fake, which will drive people away from you. Just try expressing who you are and see how easy it will be to get a match.


A man looking for woman is a tale that traces back to the beginning of time. The modern age has come with its challenges on men. Either they are too busy to search for a woman in the streets, or they are just unable to get one. Online dating sites have made it easy for men to look for women and enjoy serious relationships or just casual sex. Other users have even ended up getting married, the point is, online dating sites have come with many advantages for men. The rate at which men are warming up to these services is high. If you haven’t tried online dating, you should get started and choose one of the sites in the article according to your needs.

If you have any inquiries or comments about men seeking women, don’t forget to leave them below the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Hookup Apps Work for Men?

Hookup apps require you to sign up and create a profile. After paying for a membership, the sites present you with many options of girls who you can choose according to your preferences.

Are there Free and Paid Options for Hookup Apps?

Yes, most dating sites and apps have both free and paid options. Free services allow potential users to try out the sites before they decide to pay for memberships.

How Much Do Hookup Apps Cost for Men Seeking Women?

Prices for the different hook-up sites and apps vary depending on the site. Most of the sites offer both free services and paid services. Most users opt for paid services to get the full experience. You’ll get the costs for the dating sites or on reviews such as this one.

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