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CasualDates Review 2023

CasualDates Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 55%
Popular Age 28-34
Profiles 120 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 6.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Both the website and the mobile app are easy to understand and use
  • The registration process is quick and straightforward
  • You will be able to see the number of online members
  • There is a relatively large community inside
  • The free membership does not offer a lot of features
  • You can only see the profile pictures of subscribed members
  • As a free user, you will not have access to most of the browser and search options

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CasualDates is a dating and hookup platform for people looking for that something extra from their dating and hookup lives. Here, you will find singles, committed, and even married people looking for casual sexual encounters.

The platform was launched in 2008 and quickly became one of the most popular hookups and dating platforms globally. It is the most popular hookup platform in Spain, the second-largest in` Germany, and the third-largest in France and Switzerland. The platform has more than 30 million users from 35 nations worldwide, with more than 500,000 originating from the UK.

It has been estimated that more than 10,000 new members join this platform from the UK alone and more than 20,000 worldwide. In this CasualDates review, we will be talking about various aspects of the platform.

CasualDates Features


As a member of CasualDates, you can make use of various features like:

Contact Proposal

This feature is generated and forwarded to the mailbox of paid members once the member has been matched based on the set criteria. The proposal will include preferences of the match, search region, appearance, family status, sexuality, age, and gender.

My Erotic Type

This is a feature that will allow you to identify your erotic type via five images. Once you choose the five images among the available ones, your erotic type will be determined whether it is wild, adventurous, romantic, or conventional. The result will be displayed on your main profile.

Photo Release

When you unselect the box right next to the ‘All Women Can See My Photo’ option, all your images will become blurred to your matches. You can release specific images to certain people whenever you want to or when people ask you for them.

What’s The Audience?

CasualDates is relatively popular among users looking for a potential partner for casual hookups and even genuine relationships. According to various reviews, it has been found that CasualDates has more than 40 million users from different parts of the world. It does not matter whether you live in a small town or a big city. Hence, it will be effortless for you to find people who want to chat with you.

The members at CasualDates are pretty active. You will always find a long list of online members who will hit you with a message and will not hold back, mainly if you are a new user. While contact proposals are great starters, you do not have to wait for the members to reach you. These members are outgoing and will usually know what you are up to.

With more than 25,000 new members joining the platform daily, you will not run out of matches to explore. Most of the members here are looking for interesting hookups; however, some want serious relationships. Most of the members are entrepreneurs and working professionals.

When Was CasualDates Launched?

The CasualDates hookup and dating platform was launched in 2017 and has united people looking for some adult fun since then.

How Does CasualDates Really Work?


If you want to savor the features of CasualDates, you will first have to create an account here. The registration process is free of cost, quick, and easy. You will have to provide some basic information about yourself and also upload a few photos. Next, the CasualDates administrators will verify the information and the images.

The verification process is done to minimize the number of fake profiles. You should not upload photos of other people on your CasualDates profile. While some fake profiles are still detected on the platform, you must stick to the safety rules so that you do not become a victim of the fraud.

After the registration process is completed, you can start looking for potential matches with the help of the various search filters available. Here, you will find both basic and advanced search filters. If you are looking for someone nearby, you can make use of the Local Search filter. As a basic member, you will have limited chatting options. If you want to contact other CasualDates members without any restrictions, it is recommended that you upgrade to a premium membership.

Is CasualDates A Global Platform?


Yes, CasualDates is an international platform. It has members from all parts of the world. Most of them are from the UK. However, you will also find members from more than 35 countries like Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc.

How Many Languages Does CasualDates Support?

Since the platform is available for users around the world, its primary language is English, which is the second-most spoken language today. However, you can also switch the language to French, German, Spanish, etc.

Can One Register Quickly?

When you visit the main page of CasualDates, you will be encouraged to create a personal profile here. You will also see the pros and cons of using this platform to look for casual and/or serious dates.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it should not take more than a few seconds to get done with your registration process. The first thing you need to do here is select your gender and the gender of your potential partner. You should know that CasualDates offers its services to both heterosexual and homosexual individuals; this means that even gays and lesbians can look for hookups and dates.

Once you are done choosing the genders, you will have to complete the rest of the registration process. First, you need to mention why you want to create a profile on CasualDates, which could include a wide range of reasons like playing online games, chatting, looking for discreet affairs, watching intimate content, meeting singles, and flirting.

You can select either one of these options or the entire list. After this step, you need to choose who you are looking for. You will also have to verify your age; you need to be at least 18. You will also have to select your marital status. This platform is a great choice for even married couples who are looking for threesomes or discreet cheating. To find the perfect partner, you can select the partner’s eye color, hair, and body type. Lastly, you need to share your email address.

Can I CasualDates Without Signing Up?

Sadly, you cannot use CasualDates without creating a profile first.

Can I Delete My CasualDates Profile?

Deleting your CasualDates profile is easy. All you need to do is head towards the Settings option and tap on the ‘Delete my Profile’ button. Enter your credentials, and your profile will be deleted.

What About Design and Usability?

The touches of purple and green of the CasualDates platform suit the mature and sexy nature that it wants to project. The design is quite modern and fitted with a dropdown menu and open tabs that make it much easier to access the platform’s features. The notifications cannot be missed as all the icons are placed on the top of the platform. You can also find online members in the endless list located on the right side of the page.

The mobile app has been designed almost the same as the main CasualDates website. You will notice that the mobile app is nearly similar to the Facebook mobile app, where you will find the icons for people/contacts, messaging, profile, and home. The messaging part of the app is tagged as conversations and looks almost similar to the Messaging feature of Facebook.

Overall, the web and app designs of the CasualDates platform are straightforward to understand and navigate, even if you are new to the world of online dating. Thanks to the straightforward layout of the web and app design, CasualDates is quite appealing for different ages.

Interface at CasualDates

Once you are done with the profile creation method, you can use the platform for free. The main web page of CasualDates is beautiful. This is why you will be able to understand the working of all the features with ease. The green and violet colors of CasualDates make it easy on the eyes and make it look a lot more stylish. This combination of a simple interface and a contemporary design makes CasualDates one of the best options for people who are looking for casual and/or serious relationships.

One of the first things you need to do at CasualDates is to share your photographs. However, unlike other hookup sites, you will not be allowed to upload raunchy pictures. You will also have to add some information about yourself like nickname, drinks, education, and profession. However, it is recommended that you do not add any personal information if you want to protect yourself from scammers.

What to Know About The CasualDates Profile Quality

Once you are done with the registration and profile creation, you should not forget to complete your profile. You have the option to state whether you smoke and/or drink, have body art/tattoos, education, and profession. Additionally, you also have the choice to be more mysterious and not disclose the said information simply by tapping on the ‘Ask Me Personally’ option.

Next, you need to start uploading some pictures. While it is not required, uploading a photo makes your profile more appealing and enticing. Once you have uploaded the image, you need to wait for the moderators to accept it; this process should not take more than a few minutes. Once your photo has been approved, you will receive a notification in your mailbox. You can either set the photo to be viewable by everyone or blur the image.

Apart from your profile image, you can also upload four other images displayed on your profile.

If you want to provide more information about yourself, you can check out the ‘About Me’ tab, seen in the ‘My Profile’ tab. Here, you can see and edit the additional information you may have come across while creating your profile. Apart from this, you can even change other tables like ‘Personality and Attributes’ and ‘Looks and Appearances.’

The most interesting aspect of the profile-creating method is that you can share your ‘Erotic Type’ via visual representation to indicate whether your erotic type is wild, adventurous, romantic, or conventional.

CasualDates App and Website

We know from the above that the CasualDates site and the mobile app are easy to navigate and have an excellent design. Both interfaces are pretty intuitive and well-structured. Even if you are new to the world of online dating and hookup, you will understand the working of the website and the mobile app very easily. Let us look into some more details about the CasualDates mobile app and website.

CasualDates App

The mobile app of CasualDates has been designed similarly to the website. The mobile application looks a lot like that of Facebook, as mentioned above. Everything you are looking for can be accessed by your finger, like your contacts, messaging, profile, home, etc. Even the messaging feature looks a lot like Facebook’s Messenger app.

CasualDates website

The website of CasualDate is considered one of the simplest of all dating and hookup platforms today. Every feature and functionalities will be found on the navigation bar and will quickly become second nature. You can easily browse the profiles of other members simply by clicking on their profile pictures. If you have added your email address, you can easily receive and send messages.

The website has touches of purple and white, which makes the platform look very lovely and sexy. The site has a very modern design and allows you to access all the features and functionalities easily. You cannot miss out on the notifications as all the icons can be seen on top of the website.

How Safe is CasualDates, Really?

CasualDates will not allow you to view the profiles of others if you are not a registered member. This provides the first layer of security in this hookup platform. If you want to learn more about the platform’s safety measures, you can read about it in the T&C section. CasualDates also makes use of SSL encryption technology to safeguard the financial information of its customers.

Privacy Guarantees in CasualDates

The platform is known to provide various privacy guarantees. You can read about the Privacy terms and conditions in the T&C section.

Do CasualDates Use Encryption?

Yes, CasualDates will encrypt your chats from end to end; this means that the chat will only be visible to you and the person with whom you are chatting.

Can The App Track You Down?

There is a possibility that the CasualDates app can track your location. If you use the local search option, you will have to provide your current location to land matches. This is where CasualDates can confirm your location.

Is There a Free Option?


Yes, CasualDates does have a free account option. This is an excellent choice for people who will be using CasualDates for the first time. As a basic member, you will be offered access to some features. Once you create your profile, you will answer the questionnaire, list your perfect matches, etc. However, you will find some limitations when it comes to communication and messaging. This means that you will be able to use the messaging feature and share videos and photos.

The payment plans of the premium membership are as follows:

  • 3 Months: US$79.90 per month; a total of US$239.70
  • 6 Months: US$59.90 per month; a total of US$359.40
  • 12 Months: US$39.90 per month; a total of US$478.80

Premium Features

If you love the free version of CasualDates and want to upgrade, you can become a premium member. Once you become a premium member, the messaging feature becomes unlimited. You will also have access to the erotic and photo gallery—you can also add contacts to your ‘My Favorites’ list. The Contact Proposals are limitless as well.

How to Cancel my CasualDates Membership?

If you want to cancel your CasualDates, you need to head to the Settings option and the Payment option. Here, you will find the option ‘Cancel my Membership.’ Tap here to cancel your premium membership.

Support & Help

If you have any problem using CasualDates, you can easily get in touch with the customer support team via live chat, telephone, and email. The agents are very supportive and knowledgeable. Alternatively, you can also make use of the informative FAQ section for immediate help.

Real User Experience

“CasualDates is the only dating website I use nowadays. It boasts pretty much everything I need. It doesn’t cost much, and the user base is huge. I’ve dated three different persons in the last week in Los Angeles, and I realize now why I spend so much time on it—it’s extremely easy to use” – Andrew C.

Alternative Dating Platforms Like CasualDates

Some alternatives of CasualDates include:

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Grindr
  • HER
  • PURE

Contact Info

Email – [email protected]

Questions & Answers

Here are some common questions related to CasualDates:

Is CasualDates Really Safe?

Yes, CasualDates is quite a safe platform. The hookup site will work to verify as many profiles as to minimize the number of fake users. The site’s moderators also check the photos to ensure that they are not fake. If you happen to cross a suspicious platform, you can simply block the user.

Can One Use CasualDates Confidentially?

Yes, it is possible to use CasualDates confidentially. The chats are encrypted so no one can read them, except for you and the person with whom you are talking to.

Is CasualDates a Real Dating Platform?

Yes, CasualDates is a real hookup site. When you visit the website, you will see its physical address and other contact information. From this, we come to know that CasualDates is a legitimate platform.

How Does One Use CasualDates?

To use CasualDates, you will first have to create a profile. Once done, you will be able to search for members via the search option. This is just the basics of how CasualDates works.

Is CasualDates Free of Charge?

Yes, CasualDates does offer free membership.

Additionally, CasualDates also have paid membership. With this, you will be offered many benefits like unlimited chatting, etc.

Does CasualDates Really Work?

Based on several online CasualDates com reviews, it can be safely said that CasualDates works 100% for most users.

Final Ideas

From the above, we come to know that CasualDates is a legitimate hookup platform that will offer you a wide range of features to land a successful match. While the basic membership could use some more features, the cost of the premium membership is quite pocket-friendly. Hence, get yourself a premium membership and start looking for local matches.

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