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As we analyze the data related to the operation of different dating sites, we try to stay objective and introduce as many comparison criteria into the reviews as possible. We ground our research on product information shared by the product owners, rates, real-life user experience, and interface. We aspire to be a reliable platform and update the reviews as soon as we notice any inaccuracies or mistakes. We kindly ask users to notify us about omissions and faults they notice in our content. We then compare the information received from the product owner with that offered by users and make up our expert conclusion.

During the analysis, our company turns to several information sources, other site reviews, sponsored data, and real-life results included. We cannot guarantee you that all the platform’s content is perfect and doesn’t include even the slightest omissions. Thus, we ask you to understand that our reviews should not be treated as professional advice. We are not responsible for your visiting our platform or any actions resulting from reading the content published on our platform.

Our platforms’ visitors should treat the website as a source of generalized statistics and data on a specific dating service and not as the ultimate truth. In case of any questions or doubts, be sure to check the primary information source — the dating site itself. After you notice any mistakes in our content, you can notify us to make the materials we share helpful for other users. Our company aims at sharing dating tips and reviews with people who find it hard to date online and want to be sure of their site choice. With our help, they can better understand their aspirations and invest money only in those services that will work for them. is not liable to its users for any decisions (regarding their online and offline behaviors) that resulted from their visit to this site.